Car Rental For Road Test

Drivetrain Driving School provides car rentals for the road test.

We provide the car and the driving instructor to accompany you the your road test appointment for $150.

We will take you to any location in the 5 boroughs, some locations in Westchester and Long island.

The road test is Monday-Friday 8:30-4pm.

Occasionally the DMV have tests on Saturdays.

You should be early to your road test.

Its ideal to be at the road test 30 mins before your test time.

You need someone with a US driver license and a car registered  in the US.

The car must have a valid registration, inspection sticker and valid insurance.

For more information visit the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website:

You can have a friend take you your road test.

If you want a professional instructor come to Drivetrain Driving School.

We will provide the car rental for your road test with an instructor.

We will give you tips to help you pass the road test.

Check out our Google reviews.

Weve been to the road test hundreds if not thousnds of time.

We know the process inside out.

We will give yiu all the tips, tricks and points to watch out for.

Come and pass your road test and add to our reviews.

Its our pleasure.