Road Test Appointment

Drivetrain Driving School will schedule the road test for you for $75.

After you complete the 5 hour prelicensing class you get the DMV form mv-278 which allows you to schedule the road test.

Flip the MV-278 over to the back and in the first paragraph you have the insructions for scheduling your road test.

You might not know this but you can schedule and take a road test anywhere in New York State.

If you have friends in Buffalo NY you can take an airline flight there and take the test in Buffalo.

You could drive 9-11 hours to get there then take your test.

Someone said road trip?

Maybe schedule your road test in Albany NY.

3-4 Hours from NYC. 

Visit New York States capital city. 

You will surely get practice driving on the Highway.

One problem the DMV never takes you to the highway for your road test.

But it will definately be good practice.  

Some advice from us to you.

Do not drive far away from NYC thinking the test will be easier.

This is a New York State test.  

Its uniform throughout the state.

The road test in Queens and Rochester will be on different streets but will be similar in difficulty.

Same with the Bronx or Syracuse NY.

Differnent streets, different neighborhood  but the same road test.

Generally it takes about 2-3 weeks to get a road test.

Longer in the summertime ie busy time.

You can get the road test in quick as 2 days to 1 week.

If you want us to schedule your test no problem,

We can schedule the road test for you, give you driving lessons to help you pass and provide the car for the road test.