Drivetrain Driving School offers a full array of driving school services.

We provide all of the services you need from a driving school to be successful on the road as a driver and for your road test.

Our driving lessons start at 1 hour for $60 per hour.

We offer driving lessons 7 days a week.

We have road test packages of 2 hours or more. 

Our complete driving packages and road test packages are good if you need to rent a car for your road test.

if you have a photo learners permit card, experience driving and have a friend that can take you to your road test you only

need the 5 hour prelicensing class from us then you can schedule the road test.

Your friend can drive you to the road test.

If you do not have experience driving we can give you driving lessons.

Look at our Sales Page fo current sales. 

Our road test packages include driving lessons, car for road test and road test appointment.

The smallest road test package is the 0 hour road test package at $225.  

it has no driving lesson or 0 hour driving lesson, car rental for the road test and road test appointment.

The next level up is our 1 hour road test package at $285.

Our 1 hour road test package includes a 1 hour driving lesson, car rental for the road test and roadtest appointment.

For more information on our road test packages visit our Packages page.

The 5 hour prelicensing course is a mandatory class everyone needs to take before they are able to schedule a road test.

The 5 hour class costs $50.

You can schedule your road test after you take the 5 hour prelicensing class.

Once you have an mv-278 form from the 5 hour class you can schedule your road test no charge.

if you want us to schedule your road test we charge a fee of $75.  

You can rent a car from us, this includes a driviing instructor, to take you to your road test within the 5 boroughs, some locations in

Westchester and Long Island for $150.

Have you driven recently?

Haven't driven in a while? Feeling Rusty?

You need driving lessons?

We can help you to pass the road test!

Need a road test package?

Our packages include the car rental, road

test appointment and driving lessons.
You are an experienced driver.

You dont need a driving lesson.

You just need an appointment and the

car rental.

Maybe you will do a 1 or 1.5 hour lesson. 
Car for road test
Did you take the 5 Hour Prelicensing Class?

THe 5 Hour class is mandatory.

You can not take the road test unless you take the 5 hour class.

Call us we can help!
Do you need to take your road test soon?

We can get you a fast road test


If you need more time to practice we

have other options.
Do you have a car for the road test?

Can't get someone to take you to the road test?

We can provide the car ofr the road test.

Of course we provide the licensed driver
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